Service Dept.

It’s Spring┬átime! – Tune up your mower now!


… because we’re factory trained for the lines we carry. In fact, our manufacturers require that we be re-certified in their training classes every year in order to provide the best service possible. Our goal is 2-3 day turnaround on servicing products we have sold.
Give us a call if you’re not sure we stock the parts you need. Call us at (870) 492-4727.

Help us help you!

To provide the correct parts we need the model number and serial number of your equipment. The “new modern age of technology” means our vendors’ parts lists are all online, so we need specific information from you. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

If you use gasoline with ethanol, don’t keep it around too long. Use it up!

Call now! (870) 492-4727

>> Factory Trained Technicians

>> Factory Warranty Service on everything we sell

>> Our customers always get priority service

>> Fast turnaround to keep your equipment working for you

>> Bring your equipment to the experts for periodic service

Here’s a short video showing our Service Dept.